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Woodworks Tree Service of Woodstock, NY specializes in firewood & lumber sales, providing a full range of tree care services.

Woodworks Tree Service, LLC offers quality firewood and lumber products at an affordable price.

At Woodworks Tree Service, we are dedicated to environmentally friendly and sustainable work practices. We attempt to reuse 100% of our waste wood products. Recycling the waste from tree services creates added use value and keeps the wood out of landfills! Splitting logs into quality firewood or milling them into beautiful lumber products are just some of the ways to reuse wood byproduct.

Our firewood consists of quality local hardwoods that are seasoned and ready to burn. We also offer discounted softwood, great for outdoor fire pits or outdoor water boilers. Our selection of milled lumber products will change throughout the year so please check the site regularly for new pieces. You may simply send us an email and request to be put on our mailing list. We will notify you when new logs come in to help get you going on your next woodworking project!

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