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Woodworks Tree Service of Woodstock specializes in tree root and soil therapy, providing a full range of tree care services.

Soil & Root Therapy | Woodworks Tree Service, LLC

When trees begin to show outward signs of stress, the cause is often due to a problem within the root system. Root stress in trees can be common in urban environments due to the added stress from soil compaction, construction, changes in drainage and soil pH, and heavy pruning from digging in the root zone. To improve the condition of this critical area, we can offer a number of root and soil therapy options.

Adding a layer of mulch to the root zone is a simple and affordable solution to improve conditions for your tree considerably. This fresh layer of organic material helps to hold in moisture around the roots, break up compacted soil, as well as deter lawnmowers and pedestrian traffic.
By using a tool known as an air-spade, we are able to completely remove compacted soil from around the tree without damaging the roots and replace it with healthy organic material. The newly aerated soil holds more water for longer periods of time improving your tree’s ability to take in nutrients and stimulating new root growth.

Done properly, fertilizer treatments can be a great way to improve the health of a tree, young or old. By taking a sample and testing the conditions of the soil, we can custom tailor a fertilizer plan for your tree to get it the nutrients it needs to thrive. Call us for a consultation in regards to tree soil treatment.

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