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Woodworks Tree Service of Woodstockspecializes in tree cabling, providing a full range of tree care services.

Tree Cabling | Woodworks Tree Service, LLC

Cabling is necessary when weak branch attachments and unstable crotches form in trees. These trees often never received structural pruning earlier in their lives. These areas are the weakest parts of a tree. They are likely spots for the failure of large branches or entire sections of tree during windy or snowy conditions. Beyond causing severe damage to property below, weak and unstable branches can leave the tree with an unsightly wound. The arborists at Woodworks Tree Service can help to protect you and your tree by installing steel or synthetic cables high in the canopy that will stabilize weak points and greatly reduce the likelihood of failure. Our cabling systems are extremely strong, durable, and inconspicuous. With regular maintenance, this installation will last you for many years to come.

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