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Woodworks Tree Service of Woodstock uses modern tree trimming & tree pruning practices, and all around tree care.

Pruning & Trimming | Woodworks Tree Service, LLC

Pruning a tree is an excellent way to maintain its health, eliminate potential hazards, and increase its stability and longevity for many years to come.

At Woodworks Tree Service, we take precise care when pruning trees and never do anything to cause undue stress. You will never see us using spikes on our feet to climb a tree that is being pruned, as this practice can be extremely harmful to the health and beauty of a tree. In addition, you will also never see us topping a tree to reduce its height. Topping is an extremely harmful pruning practice and unfortunately, an all too common technique. As advocates for trees, we would never recommend topping and can discuss a number of alternatives for managing a tree that is deemed too tall for its location. Here are a number of great reasons why to prune your trees on a regular basis:

Dead, broken, or threatening branches

These can and most likely will fail and fall to the ground. Before they do, give us a call and we will safely remove any branches that threaten your family or property.

Structural improvement

By eliminating problem areas in your tree now, you will be investing in the future health and longevity of that tree for years to come! The arborists at Woodworks Tree Service are trained to recognize potential problem areas of a tree and can make pruning cuts to mitigate any issues down the road.

Improved aesthetics

Left unattended for many years, trees can sometimes take on an unpleasing appearance with crowded or crossing branches, unsightly wounds, or choking vines. Let us clean them up for you with a full canopy sweep and see what an amazing difference this can make on the beauty of your tree!

Height reduction

Do you feel your tree may be outgrowing its surroundings? Depending on the size and structure of your tree, we can bring your canopy down to a level that you feel good about. By cutting upper branches back to lower dominant branches in the canopy, we can often decrease the overall size of a tree while maintaining its health and natural appearance.

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